We are an Interface between the Passenger and Driver, connecting them together. We take a percentage Commission of the earnings from a driver for this service.




Make your ride Easy and Cheap with our Special Packages

Coustom Packages


Now you can plan your own trip  and get exclusive discounted rates.
No matter how many days, no matter how many destinations it is just coustomer is our first prority.
So why wait, come and plan you trip with our well experienced trip advisor and find new destinations and best hotels in the area.

Long Tour Packages

Short Distance (Monthly / Weekly) Packages

Are your a everyday user of LetsGo Cabs?
For example:- If you are using a taxi from Kiribathgoda to Colombo your work place every morning its about 14km and your pay for a Eco: 42/km, Business:62/km and Luxury:260/km but this package make things easy also cheap.

How this works?

You can buy this coustomarized package from LetsGo. 
As mentioned above Kiribathgoda to Colombo normally eco car costs Rs.604.00 so if you use this Weekly Package it would only cost Rs.520.00 and for Monthly Package even less about Rs.480.00.

Isn't that Amazing!

Benifits for the Passenger

  • Discounted Rates Monthly Pack (Eco: Rs.32/Km, Business: Rs.50/Km, Luxury: Rs.220/Km)
  • Discounted Rates Weekly Pack (Eco: Rs.35/Km, Business: Rs.55/Km, Luxury: Rs.240/Km)
  • Passenger/s does not need to pull out their walet every journey now you can pay the complete amount at the purchase of package.
  • Passenger is Picked up in time as pre-booked.
  • Do not need to Book cabs before every journey. 
  • If requested we provide the same vehicle with the same driver for your package without any added cost.